Guy Bennett
Digital edition published by Jonas Pelzer

Post-Self-Evident Poems

Table of Contents

Post-Self-Evident Poem

This poem was written too late
to be included in the book.

Spontaneous Generation Poem

This one just happened.

This Space Available Poem

Your poem here:

Self-Promotion Poem

This poem was written
for the sole purpose of

I am not trying
to say something important,
or even interesting
with it;
the point is simply
to say something,
anything really.

It doesn’t concern me
that you like this poem
provided you talk about it,
and when you do so
that you not neglect to mention
that I am the one
who wrote it.


Anyone can edit this poem
as they see fit.

It hardly matters if the result
is good or bad,
misleading or accurate.

The main thing is to make people feel
that their contribution is meaningful

Social Media Poem

I encourage each and every reader
to share this poem via their favorite
social media site.

Simultaneous posting to more than one site
and/or to high-traffic blogs
would be particularly appreciated.

Of course the poem itself
will not be any more interesting than it is right now,
but at least more people will know about it.

Antisocial Media Poem

I refuse to tell you about it.


The preceding two poems
could very well be considered
a diptych.

Poem in Search of a Blurb

This poem is
desperately seeking someone
to blurb it.

But not just anyone:
preferably, a poet
with visibility, name recognition,
and a reputation certain
to highlight and enhance
my own.

That is not to say
that inexperienced or lesser known poets
should not apply:
perhaps they could choose
a different, less challenging poem
to begin with,
before taking on more demanding pieces
such as this.

There is no pay involved,
but the blurber will have the satisfaction
of seeing their name associated with mine,
and can take comfort in the knowledge
that I will be happy to blurb or otherwise promote
their next production
if I have the time.

Now with 25 % More Poetry Poem

As originally written,
this poem had only four lines.

In order to give readers
more perceived value for money
I added this fifth verse.

Supersized Poem

This poem
is rather large.


This poem
is quite tiny.

Diptych II

That’s right,
another diptych.

Expired Poem

This one’s no good to read anymore.

Surveillance Poem

This poem is being written
in front of a surveillance camera.

I dedicate it to the security professionals
observing me write it.

Full Body Search Poem

To read this poem,
simply rub it
all over your body.

Enhanced Interrogation Poem

To find out what this poem might mean,
cover it with a cloth
and pour water on it
until it says something.

Subprime Poem

This poem means considerably less today
than it did when I first wrote it.

Homeless Poem

If the sight of this poem troubles you
or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way,
you can always try turning the page
and pretending you never read it.

Closed Caption Poem


Visual Poem

Broken image icon

Unhip Poem

Is that possible?

Uncool Poem

I have no time for idiots
that don’t read poetry,
but will gladly make time
for idiots that do.

For an Avant-Garde Poetry

Well, as Duke said to Mingus
when the latter suggested
they collaborate on an LP
of avant-garde music:
“Why should we go back that far?”

Diptych III

The preceding two poems
wouldn’t really be considered
a diptych.

Freeway Poem, Present Tense

This poem is being written
at 80 mph on the 105 East.

Having transitioned onto the 110 North
I add this stanza.

In a minute,
I’ll take the 5 North to the 2 North
and get off at Verdugo.

The poem will end
when I get to Martha’s.

Dichtung und Wahrheit Poem

The conjunction notwithstanding,
the two actually have very little
to do with one another.


The book goes on even if it’s closed. – Alejandro Zambra

These poems demonstrate the above truism – written after the 2011 publication of Self-Evident Poems, they are very much cut from the same cloth. They appear in English here for the first time, but were included in the French translation of the work, published as Poèmes évidents in 2015. Both editions are available via the links below:

Many and mysterious are the paths poems may take in their post-lives. Sincere thanks to Jonas Pelzer for opening this one.

– Guy Bennett
Los Angeles, December 2019



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The digital edition of Post-Self-Evident Poems was published by Jonas Pelzer in January 2020.